Mission Statement

To develop a culture where we’re free to think creatively, confident to challenge each other, and supportive in the decisions we make that allow us to promote a healthcare system with happier doctors and healthier patients.

Our commitment to doctors

Robin has completed tens of thousands of notes for doctors, saving them hours every day and freeing them to focus all of their attention on patients. In doing this work, we’re guided by the following principles:

We believe that quality documentation serves as a foundation for quality care and is our highest priority before cost, speed, or any other consideration. Today, Robin leverages both the latest in natural language processing and U.S.-based, trained medical staff to ensure the highest quality documentation in the industry.

We believe that technology should not interrupt care. We’ve seen too many computer screens get between patients and doctors and won’t repeat that mistake. Our HIPAA-compliant Robin AssistantTM device uses ambient listening so that doctors can speak naturally to their patients, and documentation occurs seamlessly in the background. Doctors don’t need to worry about apps, talking to a device throughout the encounter, or dictating every line of their note.

We believe that happier doctors will lead to healthier patients. The practice of medicine will change significantly in the coming years. By updating cumbersome rules and regulations, increasing interoperability of legacy systems, and leveraging new technologies with artificial intelligence, we can build both a patient- and doctor-centric healthcare system. Robin will do everything it can to help, and we'd love to work with you to make it happen.

Our commitment to patients

Our commitment to patients is inspired in part by Stanford’s Statement of Guiding Principles for Ethics in Digital Health, which we endorse in its entirety.

Plug in and practice

Devices are pre-configured with Wi-Fi credentials and room assignments for easy installation. No long-term obligations. No minimum-use requirements.

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