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Robin combines cutting-edge technology with trained healthcare staff to deliver a seamless experience that integrates directly into the electronic medical record (EMR).

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Learn how Robin works

You get more with Robin in the room

Reclaim your time

Save an average of 90 minutes per clinic while Robin works ambiently in the background.

Reduce your risk

Robin meets compliance and liability standards and guarantees our work in case of an audit.

Collect what you’re owed

Doctors receive more accurate reimbursement based on the complete data captured from the patient visit.

Improving conversations around care

Stay present with your patients while Robin works behind the scenes. Using natural language processing (NLP), we capture the conversation from the doctor-patient visit and aggregate data from the EMR and third-party sources to meet complex rules needed for insurers, compliance, and liability.

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We’ve got your back

Robin stands behind our work and guarantees our codes in case of an audit. So you can worry less and focus on your patients and practice more.

Security and compliance are at the heart of all we do

Robin uses the highest standards of consent and data protection, including military-grade, 256-bit encryption, to keep patient information safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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Robin offers a seamless experience

  • Prep for each visit

    Use the Robin app to review that day’s schedule and access previous patient notes and care timeline.

  • Give your patient your full attention

    Focus on the patient while Robin captures all of the important details from your conversation.

  • Add important details

    Simply say, “Hey Robin,” to add any extra information you’d like captured in your note.

  • Ambiently captures the conversation

    Focus on patients while Robin captures the audio and optional video from the exam room.

  • Aggregates data sources

    Robin uses data from the patient visit, EMR and third-party patient data.

  • Reviews for accuracy

    Our HIPAA-compliant team reviews visits and packages the information for clinical documentation.

  • Codes to meet compliance standards

    Robin automates accurate, fully justified codes and documentation based on the patient visit.

  • Posts to your EMR

    Robin audits the documentation and posts it to your EMR within 24 hours for your review and signature.

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"Robin has been the easiest technology company I have ever worked with."

Dr. Stephen Southerland, Orthopedic Surgeon

Real Robin reviews


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Dr. Mary Gilmer - Orthopedic Surgeon

“This is how it should be, we train to be doctors, we are the experts. Robin is on our side and makes me feel in control of the care I want to provide.”

Time saved per clinic
210 min
Dr. Mark Moulton - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Orthopedic Associates of Muskegon

“Documenting shouldn’t be the driving factor in patient care. With Robin, I can practice medicine and give my patients the focus and attention they deserve without having to worry about dictating, charting, or coding.”

Time saved per clinic
60 min
Dr. Stephen Southerland - Orthopedic Surgeon
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

"For 30 years, I took charts home every single night, but with Robin I never take charts home anymore. Robin has changed my life."

Time saved per clinic
90 min