Robin Software Engineering Coding Challenge

Robin Healthcare is looking to hire a new programmer. However, they're having
difficulty choosing between a few of the applicants. While brainstorming intelligent ways
to decide between the applicants, they quickly decided that Seraph was right...
"You do not truly know someone until you fight them"
In that spirit, we bring you Applicant Wars, the next generation picker-chooser-thingy

Being... well... programmers, the applicants weapon of choice is the slap. Each applicant
must engage in a mono y mono match with each other applicant.
A match consists of one or more rounds where two applicants square off in a fight until one
applicant gets slapped so hard by another applicant that he or she literally can't walk. This is
serious business.
In each round, the applicants alternate slapping each other, inflicting damage, until a candidate's
health reaches or drops below 0. For extra credit, make it random which candidate strikes first.
After each match, the candidates are allowed to rest up to recover their health.

1. Design and implement a battle system based on the details above
2. Output the candidates sorted by number of wins
3. Solution must be in Javascript
const candidates = [
["Tom Cruise",136,6],
["Sponge Bob",110,4],
["James Earl Jones",175,8],
["Bob Barker",112,2],
["Tonya Harding",108,7],
["Charles Barkley",220,12],
["Peter Piper",116,4],
["Harry Potter",96,16],
["Bill Gates",124,6],