A medical note that’s actually medical

With cutting-edge technology, a deep knowledge of healthcare and a multidisciplinary team of experts, we’ve untangled the medical from administrative. The end result is revolutionary.

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How it works for doctors


Practice naturally with patients

step two

Vocalize a brief clinical summary

step three

Review and sign your documentation in the EHR

Behind the scenes, Robin develops comprehensive documentation for you at unparalleled levels of accuracy.

A physician-first approach to documentation

With Robin, you can focus 100% on patients during visits and forget about note-taking. Our one-of-a-kind Robin Assistant™ device ambiently observes your conversation and captures everything that’s needed for us to develop your medical notes and codes.

Comprehensive, not time-consuming

The complete audio and video of your patient visits allows us to develop comprehensive notes and codes on your behalf. If you have additional details to share, you can record a clinical summary in seconds using the Robin App.

Automatic documentation, seamless integration

As you go about your day, we upload the documentation for your patient visits directly to the EHR. All you need to do is review and sign. We integrate seamlessly with any EHR. A few we work with most frequently are Epic, eClinicalWorks, Athena, NextGen and AllScripts.

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While you see patients, we work behind the scenes

With the video and audio captured by the Robin Assistant, we’re able to develop all the documentation for your patient visits, so you don’t have to. Our unique combination of technology and experts at every step of the way ensure we deliver your notes and codes at unparalleled levels of accuracy.

Comprehensive administrative documentation

Our administrative documentation not only meets the needs of your entire team, but it also helps you collect what you’re owed and protect your practice.

Justified Medical Coding

Our codes are fully-justified, always in-sync with the latest payer rules and audited by certified coders to reduce first-pass denials and unprocessed claims.

medical liability defense

The complete record of patient visits from the Robin Assistant results in more complete documentation that can help protect against claims of medical malpractice.


We stand by the documentation we deliver. In the event of an audit, we’ll support you throughout the process and assist in any appeals.

We’re a partner to practices nationwide

Clinics of all sizes all across the country trust us to do their documentation.

1M+ patient visits documented
Certified coders, revenue cycle managers and more behind the scenes
Guaranteed codes in the event of an audit
Independent reviews by industry-leading experts

The power of Robin in your pocket

The Robin App was designed for busy doctors on the go. You can record a clinical summary for any patient visit at any time. You can also see when Robin completes your documentation, view your schedule for the day and consult your Timeline of Care to prep for patient visits.

Discover the new era of medical documentation

Connect with our team to learn more and get a personalized assessment on how Robin can support your practice.

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Real Robin reviews

Orthopedists are raving about Robin

Dennis Cortese
Former CEO Mayo Clinic

With Robin, physicians are finally relieved of tedious work; patients receive the undivided attention their care deserves; administrators get consistent, detailed, and accurate clinical documentation for reporting and billing.

Dr. Benjamin Jacobs
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

This is the future. Imagine not having to worry about the billing and the other admin stuff. It really allows me to focus on patients, and Robin takes care of it all! For the first time in my career, I can just practice medicine.

Will Mowe
COO, Providence Medical Group at Sisters of Providence Health System

In 30+ years I’ve never seen any software that increased efficiency, made more money, and was a doc satisfier.

Robin practice spotlight

“With Robin, I'm able to practice medicine the way I envisioned.”
-Mark Moulton, MD

Read about the significant time savings and increase in documentation accuracy that Orthopedic Associates of Muskegon achieved with Robin.

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