How does Robin handle patient consent?

Robin respects every patient’s rights to privacy. Patients have the option to grant or decline consent. In general patients appreciate that Robin allows their doctor to give them their full undivided attention.

Is Robin HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Robin is fully HIPAA compliant across strict security protocols, networking infrastructure, and the training of our U.S.-based workforce. Robin takes patient privacy very seriously and operates in accordance with all laws and recommended clinical guidelines.

Patient Concerns

What happens to patient data?

Robin secures patient data in accordance with the strict standards of HIPAA. Patient data is used for clinical documentation purposes and is not sold for any advertising or marketing purposes.

How does Robin benefit patients?

Robin empowers doctors to focus on patients rather than administrative tasks. By leveraging technology to humanize the doctor-patient relationship, we free the doctor to listen and think about diagnoses and treatments. In the process, Robin saves doctors’ time to see more patients and achieve a healthier work-life balance so they can be better energized for work and family. Robin lowers risks to patients by reducing clerical errors and improving system efficiency.

Device Management

Where is Robin installed?

Devices are placed in each clinic room where a physician sees patients so that doctors never have to move them around. In contrast to clunky wearables, lost remotes, and frustrating hand-held devices, Robin is designed to minimize technology distractions and promote uninterrupted patient care.

How is Robin installed?

Once powered, Robin requires a secure internet connection via wireless network or ethernet. Devices are easy to self-install. Our onboarding team will provide simple user guides and talk you through set-up and workflow as needed.

Why Video?

The camera enables Robin to recognize location of symptoms, laterality, and other physical exam findings. Additionally, the camera reduces the effort on the part of physicians to dictate every action or communicative gesture of an encounter that other traditional services require. If a patient enters with a walking aid, Robin identifies it. Finally, the camera functions as a chaperone without introducing another person to the space.

EMR Integration

Does Robin work with any EMR?

Yes. A good starting point for Robin is to use remote login access to submit notes for physician signature and review. As more physicians adopt Robin within a group, Robin initiates a technical integration, allowing Robin software to send securely packaged data directly to the EMR with greater efficiency.