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The promise of medicine going digital never lived up to the hype. We’re here to change that. All our energy goes into humanizing the doctor-patient experience, liberating doctors from bureaucracy, and empowering them to focus on their patients. Read more.

Kathleen Myers, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Emergency Physician


Founder/CEO at Scribes STAT

Why I Work at Robin

Having previously founded an in-person scribe company, I know that technology is the missing piece to creating a better solution. Robin fills that void and enables us to optimize clinical documentation in an empowering way. Simply put, I want to be a part of the most promising solution out there.

Noah Auerhahn



Co-Founder/President at Extrabux

Why I Work at Robin

Nothing is more important to me and those I love than their health. Our healthcare system today is fundamentally broken, and sitting on the sidelines simply wasn't an option for me. The consequences of maintaining the status quo are people's lives.

Emilio Galan, M.Sc



Executive Director at HonestHealth

Why I Work at Robin

U.S. healthcare is a Gordian knot of unintentional market forces, reactive policies, and decades of technical debt that costs us trillions, delivers lackluster results, and unreasonably burdens both our doctors and patients. At Robin, I feel so lucky to work on that knot every day with a team and a product that could actually make our healthcare system work.

Amanda Angelotti, MD

Head of Clinical Product and Content


Head of Clinical Guidelines at One Medical
Head of Product and Content at Iodine

Why I Work at Robin

The Robin team is exceptional. I’ve rarely worked with people so experienced, professional, and just plain kind -- and we’re all passionate about creating a better experience for doctors and patients.



Why I Work at Robin

The inefficiency of the U.S. health system is especially staggering from my viewpoint. The draw to working at Robin is the ability to fundamentally change how patient care is documented, potentially catalyzing a domino effect of improvements. Woof.

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