Break down barriers with us

We’re a bunch of incredibly smart, driven, problem-solving people connected by a single purpose: to do the most good. We begin by being kind and staying open to new ideas.

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“AI is an idiot savant and we need to change the objective function to focus on human welfare.”

Tom Gruber, PhD
Co-Founder of Siri and Robin Advisor

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Breaking down barriers begins with a no-barrier culture

  • More autonomy

    Our company is 100% remote, so you can do your best work from anywhere. This also means Robin recruits the best and the brightest without geographic limitations. We value self-starters, avoid anything that resembles micromanagement and empower our people to grow at their own pace.

  • New ideas welcome

    As a disruptive company that encourages healthy debate, we intuitively look for other disruptors to join our team. Have an opinion? Share it. See a problem? Help us fix it. We want to hear your ideas and solutions.

  • Equity in action

    We care more about your skills and experience than where you went to school or who you know. And we promote based on merit, not politics. If you’re really good at what you do and are passionate about changing the world of healthcare, we want to meet you.

  • Community through connection

    We genuinely like each other and stay connected through technology, without the commute or forced fun. Because nothing beats face-to-face conversations, we meet up in person whenever we can.

Join us and change healthcare for good.


Working at Robin has it's perks

The health and happiness of our employees is central to our mission. (We’re a company dedicated to better health, after all.) Great benefits are part of the package.

100% remote

Zero commute, every day is bring-your-pet-to-work day.

Health insurance

Medical, dental, vision and telehealth services.

Wellness programs

Virtual team yoga, pilates and wellness initiatives.

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited paid time off for full-time employees.

Family resources

Paid family leave, flexible scheduling and family friendly work environment.

Employee assistance

Insurance includes certified mental health services, legal and other benefits.

What we’re all about.

True grit

We’re committed to creating a more direct path to good. This means systematically dismantling barriers to health. We sidestep the status quo and go straight to the core of the problems that plague healthcare in our country. We exist to change things in a big way for the better.

Kindness rules

We’re a team of high-performing, passionate humans who collaborate, ideate and problem-solve, together. We’re also exceedingly nice. Our culture encourages lots of debate, but even when we disagree, we do it with respect. We believe in stress-testing new ideas, not people.

Never stop learning

Every job, big and small, is collectively responsible for our success. We’re tinkerers who thrive in a place of risk and constant experimentation. Some failure along the way is just part of the deal. We’re already doing good, but we know with your help, we can do great.