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June 12, 2021

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Robin Healthcare Partners With PriorAuthNow To Expand Ambient Prior Authorization Offering

Robin Healthcare, announces that it has piloted an integration with PriorAuthNow to further expand its ambient prior authorization offering. 

After capturing data from patient encounters, Robin’s AI documents and codes visits, which are then audited by a HIPAA-compliant quality assurance team and posted into EMRs. In this pilot, PriorAuthNow’s connections to over 380+ payers allowed Robin to further streamline the prior authorization process, letting providers and staff submit requests without faxes, phone calls, and payer portals. 

“In only three weeks, Robin integrated seamlessly and went live with PriorAuthNow to improve patient outcomes. We’re excited to help Robin with real-time prior authorizations and new point-of-care workflows for patients and providers,” said Jay Sandhaus, Chief Technology Officer, PriorAuthNow.

“This partnership has the power to reduce the complexity faced by practices when submitting prior authorization requests, supporting teams of administrators who are often burdened by this and other processes,” said Matt Maurer, VP of Business Development, Robin Healthcare. “We’re moving towards a future where patients can walk out of the exam room knowing with confidence what the next steps in their care plan are.”

After the success of this initial pilot, Robin is looking to roll out its PriorAuthNow partnership to more practices, and enable streamlined prior authorization for more services, getting payers and TPAs the information they need.  

About Robin:

Founded in 2017, Robin Healthcare has supported over 600K patient visits with undistracted doctors across the country using the Robin Assistant™. Robin supports ambient administration of both in-person and telehealth encounters leveraging  it's proprietary device, natural language processing, and a HIPAA-compliant U.S.- based workforce.

About PriorAuthNow:

PriorAuthNow is the leading expert in delivering real-time electronic prior authorizations connecting a network of providers, payers and EMRs and is available in over 35 states. Our software solution is focused on expediting authorizations, delivering ease of use and improving staff efficiency – ultimately improving patient care. To learn more, go to

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