Robin Healthcare’s Telehealth Integration Helps Independent Practices Recover Patient Volumes During COVID

Robin Staff Writer
May 15, 2020
3 min

Weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, Robin Healthcare integrated its product with Zoom for telehealth use, adapting to the accelerated shift to virtual healthcare while giving providers peace of mind and financially stabilizing practices.

Robin Healthcare rolled out its HIPAA-compliant Zoom integration the week of March 30, 2020, as practices across the country were transitioning from in-office visits to telehealth. Robin’s Zoom integration provides the same functionality for telehealth visits that the Robin Assistant™ provides in the exam room, capturing patient encounters, which are then documented and coded by Robin’s AI. Robin’s HIPAA-compliant quality assurance team audits all notes and codes before posting them into practice EMRs.

“As practices dealt with the daily stress of the transition, Robin provided a cohesive experience for doctors and staff,” said Kathleen Myers, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Robin Healthcare.

The integration helped practices maintain financial stability and recover patient volumes, allowing providers to see more patients in their day to make up for missed revenue from delayed procedures. While in-office staff were kept to a minimum due to the virus, Robin’s coding and billing provided back-office automation, quickly submitting claims and bringing in revenue despite reduced staffing.

Robin acted quickly and nimbly to the escalating pandemic, building its Zoom integration in just three weeks, creating a solution that practices will continue to use in the likely post-COVID hybrid of mixed in-office and telehealth visits. 

“When COVID hit, we knew we needed to help our physicians and their staff stay safe while helping them continue to see patients,” said Robin Healthcare President Emilio Galan. “We knew we needed to take action to integrate with Zoom to bring Robin’s service into virtual visits."

About Robin: Founded in 2017, Robin Healthcare has supported over 1 million patient visits with undistracted doctors across the country using the Robin Assistant™. Robin supports ambient administration of both in-person and telehealth encounters leveraging  its proprietary device, natural language processing, and a HIPAA-compliant U.S.-based workforce.

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