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Remove barriers to health.

80% of orthopedists say note-taking interferes with patient care
Robin Healthcare survey of orthopedic physicians, February 2022

Barriers to health affect everyone

In healthcare today, the simple act of providing care has gotten complicated.

The ever-increasing amount of bureaucratic barriers is overburdening practices, burning out physicians, and coming between patients and their care.

Note-taking creates a distraction in the exam room. Coding causes friction across practices. Both force doctors to spend more time with their computer than with patients.

Robin is here to change that.
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To unburden orthopedics, we reimagined documentation

There’s no shortage of documentation services promising to help practices—EHR templates, dictation apps and scribes of all kinds—yet no real solutions.

To truly free orthopedists from the burden of administrative documentation, we had to do something different. That’s why we created the one-of-a-kind Robin Assistant™.

With the Robin Assistant in their exam rooms, orthopedists don't just complete documentation faster. They can completely forget about it, while practices get notes and codes that create efficiency across the entire clinic.

Robin has already transformed orthopedic practices of all sizes all across the country—and we’re just getting started.to remove barriers to health and improve the doctor-patient experience.

1 Million
Orthopedic Visits Documented

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Paul Posey Jr.
Formerly CEO of Ascension Insurance
chief medical officer
Kathleen Myers, MD
Formerly CEO of Scribes Stat
Chief Commercial Officer
Ira Bahr
Formerly CMO of AliveCor Inc.

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