OUR Mission is to

Remove barriers to health.

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Nothing should get in the way of the time doctors and patients spend together.

- Emilio Galán, CEO

We witnessed the administrative complexities of having a private practice take over a physician's time while providing added strain to the patient experience for the last few years.

So in 2017, we founded Robin with a clear, simple goal in mind: to remove barriers to health and improve the doctor-patient experience.

We built the Robin Assistant—the first device of its kind— to help physicians reclaim their time and control over their practice. Robin uses AI and remote medical scribes to dramatically reduce the time spent on doctor’s notes and to capture structured data.

That's when something truly remarkable happened: doctors could focus nearly 100% of their time spent in the examination room. Focused and caring for their patients for the first time in a long time.

Who we are

Have you ever felt let down by our healthcare system? (An understatement?) Us too. Our story is everyone’s story. This collective, first-hand experience of not always getting what we and our loved ones need to be healthy is the very thing that brings us together and drives us to make a difference. We’re a team of smart, passionate thinkers, tinkerers, risk-takers, creators, problem-solvers and dreamers working remotely from all over the world in the pursuit of health without barriers. We’re more than a company. We’re a community. We stay closely connected through technology, but nothing beats face-to-face conversations. We meet up to work and play in person whenever we can. We are Robin and we’re here to change healthcare in a big way for the better, together.

We’re experts in health, technology and policy

Emilio Galán, M.Sc
Formerly CEO & Founder of Honest Health
Kathleen Myers, MD
Formerly CEO of Scribes Stat
Noah Auerhahn
Formerly CEO of Extrabux

Our supporters

Building the way to better health takes brilliant minds

We’re on a mission to change the future of healthcare and we can’t do it alone. We need everyone from engineers to medical scribes. Check out our job listings to see if there’s a fit and come join us.

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