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You see patients, Robin does the rest.

The Robin AssistantTM streamlines documentation, coding, and other administrative tasks in the background of natural patient care.

Robin Reduces Administrative Burnout
for Doctors

Doctors today spend more time typing and clicking in their EMR than engaging with patients. It's bad for doctors. It's bad for patients. At Robin, we’re building technology that supports the practice of medicine without interrupting it and empowers doctors to once again focus on patients.

Robin Delivers
Your Notes

Using A.I., Robin completes your clinical documentation, producing fully billable notes for all your patients, from simple follow-ups to complex workers compensation.

Optimizes Billing

Robin notes capture all required billing content to streamline coding and submission and ensure you get paid for the quality of care you provide.

Reduces Risk

Multitasking leads to errors. Robin’s robust software and human quality assurance free you from the distraction of typing notes and ensure that your care is documented thoroughly and accurately.Learn about our Physician Wellness Initiative

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What Robin Users Think

I used to spend 5 to 9 minutes per note with dictation. With Robin I spend less than a minute. I recommend Robin to all of my colleagues.

Dr. Stephen Pinney

Foot & Ankle Surgeon at San Francisco
Orthopaedic Surgeons,
Editor & Chief of

As a practice we get consistent, high-quality notes to expedite billing and maximize reimbursement. Robin should be the standard of modern-day practice.

Karen Sollar

CEO Webster Orthopedics,
President of AAOE

I notice being happier at the end of the day because I get to be a doctor and not a data entry clerk. Robin is the first technology that really helps me - the EMRs have done nothing but slow doctors down.

Dr. Sara Edwards

West Coast Sports Institute

With Robin, physicians are finally relieved of tedious work; patients receive the undivided attention their care deserves; administrators get consistent, detailed, and accurate clinical documentation for reporting and billing.

Dr. Denis Cortese

Former CEO Mayo Clinic

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