Provide care without the distraction of documentation

We’re re-writing how clinical documentation gets done for orthopedics with our smart assistant that eliminates administrative burdens on doctors and streamlines documentation across your practice.

With Robin in the exam room, orthopedists can

Focus entirely on patients and forget about note-taking

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Meet the
Robin Assistant™

While you see patients, the Robin Assistant ambiently captures all the audio and video from the exam room. Our virtual scribes and proprietary coding algorithm then review these records of your visits. They use them to deliver complete SOAP notes with fully-justified medical codes directly to your EHR for your final review and signature.

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We integrate seamlessly
with any EHR

A few we work with most frequently are Epic, ModMed, eClinical Works, Athena, NextGen and AllScripts.

Orthopedists get more with Robin

More time to take care of patients and yourself

Not having to worry about documentation means you have more time for patients during the day and no more after-hours charting, so you can relax and recharge with friends and family.

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More patient discussions, not dictations

The days of dictating for hours are over. We transform your natural conversations with patients in the exam room into fully formatted SOAP notes.

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More concentration on care, not ever-changing codes

We’ve successfully automated medical coding with our algorithm that monitors millions of payer rule changes in real time to ensure the most accurate coding levels.

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“For 30 years, I took charts home every single night, but with Robin, I never take charts home anymore. Robin has changed my life.”

Dr. Stephen Southerland
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

"We have talked to everybody, and Robin is our partner, not a vendor, and they are the best partner we will ever have."

Lori Bradshaw-Hucko
Chief Operations Officer Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center

We create harmony across your practice

Our unique approach to documentation doesn't just free doctors from administrative burdens. It benefits everyone at your entire practice.

Better documentation brings everyone together

Our clinical notes and codes meet the needs of your whole team, from doctors to coders and practice leaders. We save time across your clinic, streamline your workflow and drive new value.

Faster note turnaround
More accurate charting and coding
Collect what you’re owed
Transform your Practice today
Dr. James Peterson

We’re invested in your practice’s performance

Our documentation is so complete and accurate, it reduces first-pass denials and unprocessed claims. We stand by our work, and in the event of an audit, we’ll support you throughout the process.

Justified Medical Coding
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Discover the new era of medical documentation

Connect with our team to learn more and get a personalized assessment on how Robin can support your practice.

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Real Robin reviews

Orthopedists are raving about Robin

Dennis Cortese
Former CEO Mayo Clinic

With Robin, physicians are finally relieved of tedious work; patients receive the undivided attention their care deserves; administrators get consistent, detailed, and accurate clinical documentation for reporting and billing.

Dr. Benjamin Jacobs
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

This is the future. Imagine not having to worry about the billing and the other admin stuff. It really allows me to focus on patients, and Robin takes care of it all! For the first time in my career, I can just practice medicine.

Will Mowe
COO, Providence Medical Group at Sisters of Providence Health System

In 30+ years I’ve never seen any software that increased efficiency, made more money, and was a doc satisfier.

Why Robin is different

There’s no shortage of documentation services promising to help practices—EHR templates, dictation apps and scribes of all kinds—yet no real solutions.

Robin is different. We’ve reimagined how documentation gets done from the ground up to truly free orthopedists from administrative burdens.

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Orthopedic Visits Documented
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